Medical and Forensic Toxicology

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to medical and forensic toxicology. Much attention will be given to the daily practice of medical and forensic toxicology. The course will focus on the recognition and treatment of human intoxications and human risk assessment in the context of incidents.

The course will cover in detail the general approach to the diagnosis and management of intoxicated patients. Many aspects of human poisoning will be covered during a series of lectures and practical exercises. Several types of poisoning will be covered during the course, including intoxication with drugs of abuse, cardiovascular medication, toxic alcohols, paracetamol, lead, food supplements, poisonous mushrooms and plants and venomous snake bites. The need for and interpretation of analytical toxicology will also be discussed. Much attention will also be given to risk assessment, communication and management of incidents with release of hazardous substances, including radionuclides and exposure to ionizing radiation. The role of the clinical toxicologist and Poisons Information Centers in this context will be elaborated.

The course will also cover forensic toxicology (1.5 day). Important topics during the course are: analytical aspects of forensic toxicology, post-mortem toxicology, forensic pathology and driving under the influence of drugs.

On successful completion of the course the participant should:

  • have obtained knowledge on a general approach to the diagnosis and treatment of intoxicated patients;
  • have obtained knowledge on the role of the toxicologist in emergency response service following release of hazardous substances or exposure to radionuclides or ionizing radiation;
  • have obtained knowledge on the role of the toxicologist in forensic toxicology.

Coordinator: Prof.dr.D.W. de Lange

Lecturers are staff of

  1. UMC Utrecht
    • National Poisons Information Center
    • Department of Intensive Care Medicine
    • Department of Ophthalmology
  1. Netherlands Forensic Institute
  2. Department of Clinical Pharmacy, OLVG
  3. National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  4. TNO

The final grade of this course will be based on the individual presentation of a case-study.

Please note that the course can be cancelled up to one month before its starting date, when the number of applications is below the minimum required. For general inquiries please contact the PET Office.

Molecular Toxicology
Legal and Regulatory Toxicology