About PET

In 1989, six Dutch universities formally agreed to cooperate in offering a vocational, postgraduate training programme in toxicology (Postgraduate Education in Toxicology, PET). In 2010, the cooperation was extended to eight universities and the document with the official agreement is available here (in Dutch only).

The primary purpose of the PET is to provide the participants with the training programme required for the registration of toxicologists. The contents of the programme required for registration by the ‘Registratiecommissie Toxicologie’ are determined by the ‘Concilium Toxicologicum’, both subcommittees of The Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT).

The participating universities have appointed a PET Programme Coordinator, who reports to the PET Supervisory Board. The PET Supervisory Board consists of representatives of the participating universities and NVT, as well as delegates from research institutions, industry and government. The PET Supervisory Board is the ultimate responsible body for the operation of the PET and for the quality of the PET programme.

The PET office is accommodated by Utrecht University.