Application & Fees

Requirements for admission – entry level

Admission to the PET programme is open to all graduates with a university degree in biomedical, natural, veterinary or agricultural sciences and who have a sufficient background in biology or chemistry. Applicants, who have not previously obtained sufficient general basic knowledge on toxicology via an appropriate MSc programme, will be required to start the PET programme with the course on General Toxicology. Successful completion of this introductory module may be required for enrolment in other PET modules.

Application procedure

Applicants, who wish to enrol in the PET programme for the purpose of professional recognition and registration by the Dutch Society of Toxicology (NVT) should consult the NVT website first, to arrange for a supervisor and a personal training programme before requesting admission to the PET programme. If you need assistance in this respect please contact the PET office.

You may request admission to one or more modules or to the entire PET programme. At first application please don’t forget to submit a concise CV. For admission, your background in toxicology is of particular interest. Once admitted, enrolment proceeds on a first-come first-serve basis. For more details please also read the General Conditions of the PET programme.


Please note: Cancellations should always be sent to the PET office. When received up to one month before the starting date of the course, cancellations are free of charge. For cancellations received between one month and two weeks before the starting date of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged, thereafter the full course fee will be charged. For any questions about application, please contact the PET office.


Planning of your training programme

The various modules of the PET programme are offered once a year or every other year and each module can be cancelled up to one month before its starting date, when the number of applications is below the minimum required. Therefore, it is important to consult the Course Schedule for a careful planning of your training. In addition, for those who lack BSc level training in toxicology or the equivalent experience it is required to finalise the module ‘General Toxicology’ first. Applicants who fail to demonstrate sufficient background knowledge, either by a degree from an appropriate MSc programme or by successful completion of the course on General Toxicology, may be denied access to PET modules.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are determined and approved annually by the PET Supervisory Board.