General Toxicology


Aim of the course

The aim of the course is twofold. Firstly, it offers participants who seek vocational training but lack formal undergraduate training in toxicology the opportunity to obtain extensive, basic theoretical knowledge and insights in this field. Secondly, this module can serve as a refresher course for PhD students and others who intend to take some of the other PET programme modules.

Note: This introductory course ensures that PET students will have a similar basic knowledge of and insights in toxicology. This basis is necessary to successfully complete the other, more specialized modules of the PET programme. Therefore, we reserve the right to uphold registration for PET courses in cases where general toxicology knowledge is lacking and the candidate has not yet finalised the PET course General Toxicology.

The course consists of a directed self study of most of the contents of the general toxicology textbook Casarett and Doull’s Essentials of Toxicology. C.D. Klaassen and J.B. Watkins III, Eds. 4th Edition, 2021. McGraw-Hill, New York. ISBN-13: 978-1260452297. Candidates will need this book to study the subject matter of this course and it has to be purchased by themselves. Currently the course does not contain e-lectures. Instructions and extensive self-tests are offered via an online learning environment.

Subject matter:

UNIT 1 – General principles of toxicology

  • Chapter 1 – History and Scope of Toxicology
  • Chapter 2 – Principles of Toxicology
  • Chapter 3 – Mechanisms of Toxicity
  • Chapter 4 – Risk Assessment

UNIT 2 – Disposition of toxicants

  • Chapter 5 – Absorption, Distribution, and Excretion of Toxicants
  • Chapter 6 – Biotransformation of Xenobiotics
  • Chapter 7 – Toxicokinetics

UNIT 3 – Non-organ directed toxicity

  • Chapter 8 – Chemical Carcinogenesis
  • Chapter 9 – Genetic Toxicology
  • Chapter 10 – Developmental Toxicology

UNIT 4 – Target organ toxicity

  • Chapter 11 – Toxic Responses of the Blood
  • Chapter 12 – Toxic Responses of the Immune System
  • Chapter 13 – Toxic Responses of the Liver
  • Chapter 14 – Toxic Responses of the Kidney
  • Chapter 15 – Toxic Responses of the Respiratory System
  • Chapter 16 – Toxic Responses of the Nervous System
  • Chapter 18 – Toxic Responses of the Heart and Vascular System
  • Chapter 19 – Toxic Responses of the Skin
  • Chapter 20 – Toxic Responses of the Reproductive System
  • Chapter 21 – Toxic Responses of the Endocrine System

UNIT 5 – Toxic agents

  • Chapter 22 – Toxic Effects of Pesticides
  • Chapter 23 – Toxic Effects of Metals
  • Chapter 24 – Toxic Effects of Solvents and Vapors
  • Chapter 26 – Toxic Effects of Plants and Animals

On successful completion of the module, participants should:

  • have acquired theoretical knowledge and understanding of the general principles of toxicology at MSc level
  • have acquired basic insight in the application of toxicology in hazard and risk assessment

Coordinator: Dr. Karin van Ede 
Examination: Participants will be examined after appointment with the coordinator. The examination will consist of open questions and will take place online.

For general inquiries please contact the PET Office.

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